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Mission Statement

With regards to content, the triad health – education – technology characterises the research programme of the department of Language & Communication. This orientation and main focus remove a hitherto predominant counterproductive dichotomisation in which impairments of language or communication abilities are assigned exclusively either to the health or to the educational system. At the same time, the development and application of individually tailored technology (assistive devices, e-health, e-learning) are emphasised at the department, standing to benefit from the Technological Sciences established at the TU Dortmund University as well as from adjacent institutions. Triade

The department of Language & Communication aims at the qualitative development of these main focuses in through an interdisciplinary consideration of language and communication and following professional conceptions established on international level. This is to enhance a reinforced attachment of German research and the promotion of young researchers to international standards. At the same time, with its interdisciplinary composition, the department team contributes to overcome distinctions concerning professional policy and to emphasise scientific quality criteria instead.

These are characterised by (1) a decidedly empirical understanding of science, applied through evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice requires well-grounded methodical skills, including knowledge about survey principles and experimental settings as well as specific expertise concerning small samples.

Based on this qualification, (2) empirical research is to be established at a level corresponding to relevant publications in ISI journals. This holds the potential for German research to follow up not only with the reception, but also with the production of research outcomes regarding international state of knowledge.

Prerequisites herefore include methodically rigorous standards as well as (3) external funds for laboratory and field research. In this, the Centre for Counselling and Therapy of the TU Dortmund University renders assistance. The objective has been set to create, through a multilateral cooperation with other teaching and research institutions, a database extending across locations, which is to be used specifically for therapy sessions.

Finally, research in the field of language and communication is closely bound to the criterion of relevance (4). The reference to questions related to rehabilitational sciences requires a research attitude which is characterised through the connection between basic research and science perspectives and application-oriented perspectives.